DeVilbiss Designs French Fashion Doll Costumes
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DeVilbiss Designs French Fashion Doll Costumes

Reproduction French Fashions for Dolls

French Fashion Costumes: are created for dolls, Poupee to Mignonette and patterns supplied to dress your treasure. Authentic reproductions ensembles from the pages of historic magazines and books can be constructed utilizing the fashion doll costuming kits. The kits include dresses, lingerie, hats, shoes and parasols. Often vintage fabrics are machine embroidered to relieve you of that onerous task. Simple seams produce exquisite dresses. The costumes range from the early 1860 through the Titanic era.

Fashion Doll Hats & Parasols

Coordinating hats and parasols: can be created from available kits. They are often made from vintage materials. Occasionally a completed parasol might be found as well.

All Bisque Mignonette Dolls

All bisque Mignonette dolls; are available in the sizes described in the 'Mignonette' book. The patterns from the book fit the available dolls. 12"+ Art Deco dolls from the early 1900s can be ordered for your Titanic costuming.

French Fashion Doll Shoes & Slippers

Shoes: The $5000 + Blue floral slippers have been reproduced as kits for your 12" and 18" French Fashion dolls. The design is sometimes available in other color combinations. Silk canvas and wool/silk yarns with patterns are available to stitch various reproduction slippers if you are so inclined. Reproduction pettipoint slipper kits include tooled soles and silk ribbon trims. Leather shoes and boots to fit the 12" French Fashion dolls match the various costumes.

Supplier of Natural Fiber Fabrics

Natural fiber fabrics: are often available. Lush silks dominate as patterned silk is difficult to find. Fine wools and cottons pepper the selection. Occasionally vintage laces are found as well.

Doll Wigs

Fleece, mohair and human hair wigs are available. There is even an 1870 wig reproduced from the pages of Harper's Bazaar and from an antique doll. Join me on the magical world of yesteryear in costuming your French Fashion dolls.

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